Elements collection Lightroom presets – Mobile version


With these presets you can give every photo a professional look with just one click.

The Lightroom Preset Package consists of four different presets:

  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth

Note: These presets are made for the smartphone app Lightroom CC and only work on your phone. So you can not use them on the desktop version of Lightroom.


Information and examples:

  • With these presets you can edit your photos with just 1 click, but because each photo is made in a different light, you may have to make a few minor adjustments here and there for the perfect end result.
  • You can download the presets immediately after payment. With the download you will also receive a detailed manual with instructions (in Dutch and English) on how to install the presets on your phone.
  • You must first unzip the presets on your computer before you can put them on your phone and use them.