We are

We are Wesley, Kim, Pux, Rebble, Zinzi and Maddox Korsten. A family of six from The Netherlands. We sold our house and most of our belongings and we went on a traveling adventure to see what life would bring us. We wanted to find out what we need and even more what we don't need to be happy, we wanted more time for and with each other, we wanted to simplify our lives and be happy with less. We traveled Europe in our tiny house on wheels.

At the moment we are looking for a place among the trees to build our homebase, from where we can continue our traveling lifestyle. We are living a slow and simple lifestyle in harmony with nature and we try to be as sustainable as possible. We are worldschooling our kids and let them learn from life itself. We are manifesting our dreams.

We love to create and inspire. We want to inspire others to think about the way they want to live, to find out who they really are and what makes them happy. We want to inspire you to follow your dreams.

Do you want to know more about traveling with children, natural parenting, holistic living or worldschooling? Do you want content for your sustainable brand, do you want us to document your memories, are you looking for photos for your small creative business or do you want to collaborate with us in any other way? See what we can do for you.